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Multismart Learning | Jumeirah International Nurseries in Dubai

Multismart Learning


Our teaching philosophy is based on MultiSmart LearningTM programme – developed by our pedagogical experts at Fortes Education – which unlocks different pathways to learning and all-round development.

Designed to meet the individual needs of children from different age groups, MultiSmart LearningTM Programme nurtures not only academic skills but also social and emotional development. As a result, our young children develop a healthy personality and keen sense of self.

What is MultiSmart LearningTM?

MultiSmart LearningTM Programme lies at the heart of our teaching methodology. Its focus is on the overall growth and development of the child. MultiSmart LearningTM facilitates learning in all spheres of life and begins at an early age. The pre-academic focus is on developing basic literacy and numeracy through naturalistic daily activities such as interacting with nature and developing the foundations of reading, writing and phonological skills.

MultiSmart LearningTM employs a language-rich curriculum model including features such as interactive circle times and pretend-play, to enable children to develop their expression and receptive language skills.

We surround children with opportunities to explore different forms of pre-literacy experiences which are fun and engaging. Our teachers ensure that all aspects of the classroom are print rich with things that promote an interest in reading and writing, as well as listening, speaking and viewing.

MultiSmart LearningTM develops children’s movement skills and confidence and trust in themselves and their bodies. We place a high priority on physical development in both in the outdoor playground, and in the classrooms.

MultiSmart LearningTM also encompasses our Education in Human Values ProgrammeTM where children get a sense of culture of their peers, share in each other’s customs, and work with other children. Through our EHVTM programme, children develop a foundation for compassion, empathy, and healthy social interaction with others.

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