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Individual Needs Policy | Top & Best British Curriculum Nurseries in Dubai

Programme Individual Needs
Individual Needs


Realising Potential In Every Child.

At JINS we believe that ‘Every Child Matters’ and that every child has the right to learn and make progress to reach their full potential. Our Nurseries have an ‘Individual Needs Policy’ and a Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in order to support children.

Our Individual Needs Policy

Our ‘Individual Needs Policy’ is available for parents to review in our ‘Parent Handbook’. The aims of our Individual Needs Policy are to:

  • Raise learning standards for all children
  • Enable all children to be intellectually, physically and socially equipped to reach their full potential
  • Ensure that all children’s needs are met
  • Enable all children to access to the curriculum of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework
  • Provide a more tailored provision for particular children in addition to existing classroom practice by using IEP (Individual Education Plan) and IPP (Individual Play Plan)
  • Provide differentiation within the classroom
  • Cater for the needs of children who have additional needs
  • Cater to the gifted and talented children.

Our Strategies

At JINS, our teachers and staff aim to help children take responsibility for their own behaviour through a combination of strategies:

  • Continuity of care and reassurance to the child, and treating the child as if they are part of our family
  • Positive and consistent role modelling
  • Providing a range of stimulating and challenging activities
  • Setting and enforcing appropriate boundaries and expectations
  • Providing positive feedback and reinforcement
  • Working with the parents to build their understanding of their children
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