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Age Groups Jumeirah International Nurseries Dubai | British Curriculum in Dubai

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Growing With Us.

Little Learners 0-1 year

Little Learners 0-1 Year

The Little Learners is where the babies are encouraged to roll and crawl while the older babies learn to walk and attempt to feed themselves. Babies have daily access to their own outside garden area and sensory playground. Natural objects and heuristic play are provided to stimulate interest and promote active exploration. Each JINS Nursery is equipped with separate changing and sleep rooms, we have the perfect setting to provide a relaxing environment to the children. The staff ratio within the baby rooms is maintained at 1:3.

Curious Beginners 1 – 2 years

As the child crosses from the Little Learner’s to the Curious Beginners, child-initiated play is encouraged. Focus is given to development of language skills, and gross and fine motor skills enabling children to move about confidently.

Our staff observes the children regularly, offering constant support. Potty training is normally typically during this year. Our staff concentrate on helping the children become independent at routine jobs.

Inquisitive Adventurers 2 – 2.5 years

Children are most receptive to new information when they reach this age and it is the perfect time to inculcate independence, love for learning, and role-play. Most of children learn here go on to become strong habits in the future. We, therefore, pay maximum attention to each child to ensure they receive most benefit. Children learn through role modelling and simulation, and opportunities are provided to help develop their social skills. Additional learning techniques include assembly, interactive music, puppet shows and sing-a-longs.

Confident Explorers 2.6 – 3 years

At this stage, children's play becomes much more evolved. The substantial experience of our staff ensures that at every step of the process, the child’s interests are kept in mind while we support, extend and develop their understanding.

The focus is always on keeping the children interested, motivated and enthusiastic to learn and investigate further. Free flow into secure outside play areas, messy play, music, cooking, and creative crafts are some of the key activities utilised at this stage.

Active Discoverers 3 years +

The children are provided with myriad learning opportunities and encouraged to use their skills in a range of situations and for a variety of purposes. Through personalised lessons in Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design, and Sports, we provide extensive support for the children's intellectual, physical and emotional well-being to help them know themselves better and learn what they are capable of. Children are encouraged to discover their world, find out about their part in it, and explore different cultures.

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