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Settling In - Jumeirah International Nurseries - Dubai

Settling In



Active Discoverers (children 3+ years of age) have compulsory full-time attendance of 5 days per week, Sunday to Thursday. Children under the age of three may attend for 3, 4 or 5 days a week.

The Jumeirah International Nurseries recognises that each child is unique and will settle into a new routine or situation at their own pace. We ensure that children receive a smooth transition into the Nursery.

Informational Introduction

An informational introduction morning is held to support both parents and children one day before the first day of the term.

Parents and children are invited into their new class for approximately one hour to meet the Teachers and Teaching Assistants, and familiarise themselves with the classroom.

First Day of Term

For the first 2 weeks, children attend Nursery in a staggered time schedule. Nursery staff are sensitive to separation anxiety that a child may feel and closely monitor the child and coordinate with parents.

Academic Year

The Academic Year at the Jumeirah International Nurseries is divided into three terms:

1st - Autumn Term:  September to December.
2nd - Spring Term:  January to March
3rd - Summer Term:  April to June

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