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Parent Privilege Programme | Best British Nurseries in Dubai, UAE

Parent Privilege Programme


At JINS, we believe in working with and supporting small and medium enterprises like ourselves.

Through the Parent Privilege Programme, customers of our Nurseries can avail of a discount on products &/or services at the participating outlets.

What do you get?

  • FREE membership in Partner Privilege Programme
  • Your shoppers will also get a discount at other participating retail and trading outlets
  • FREE marketing, branding and logo placements of your brand around our Nurseries and exposure to 1,000s of high income, aspirational, international customers, i.e., our parents.

What do you ask for?

  • The partnerships comes with no strings attached and no membership fee, just a commitment from your end to promote the Nursery in your establishment(s) and on your website and Facebook profile / page.
  • A discount on goods and services at your outlet to the programme’s cardholders who will present the Partner Privilege Programme card with its logo. Note, we will also provide you marketing material.

Corporate Discounts

Corporate discounts available for employees of:-

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