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Community - Parent Partnership | Best International Day Care in Dubai, UAE

About Parent Partnership Community


The JINS Impact

JINS is an active participant in the community providing support and in helping those less fortunate. For years, JINS has been making a positive impact through various volunteer initiatives with the help of our children, parent body, and staff and through various tie-ups.

We regularly hold fund-raiser events along with many awareness campaigns to raise funds for various charitable initiatives. The funds raised are then matched in equal proportion by the Nurseries and donated to particular organisations and causes.

Such efforts are enthusiastically supported by the parents as well our children for whom this becomes a tremendous learning opportunity to develop healthy social interactions, and empathy and respect towards others, as well as starting their journey towards becoming responsible adults of the future.


Since 2008, JINS has been conducting International Days, Book Fairs and Cake Sale events with the help of children, parents and staff.

Beneficiaries of our events:

  • K9 Friends (February 2008 & October 2008)
  • Medicines sans Frontier (February 2009)
  • Red Crescent Society, Flooding in the Philippines & Haiti Earthquake (October 2009 & March 2010)
  • 5 year old Filipino girl battling Leukemia (October 2010)
  • An orphanage in Ethiopia where one of our parents visits frequently (March 2011)
  • Beneficiary in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Breast Cancer Awareness campaign(2013)
  • Dubai cares (2014)
  • The Box Appeal (2015)


JINS has a quota of awarding two scholarships every year to children of families in financial need. Various factors are looked at in awarding the scholarships. For privacy reasons, the names of the scholarship children are kept confidential.

Local organisations supporting workers in UAE

JINS and its parent body have held several fundraising events to raise funds for various local organisations that support workers and the less privileged. Events for organisations like RISE UP (Relief Initiatives to Support & Empower the Under privileged in the UAE) have been highly appreciated by the parent and local community in the UAE. JINS’ financial contributions have gone towards providing daily food, housing, medical treatment, air tickets back home, and counselling support for workers in the UAE.

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